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Random selection of nice words comment

Brilliant instructor, calm, confident, a great teacher with a great sense of humour. Lessons were extremely enjoyable and I picked things up confidently.
Bryoney Preen, Desborough

No pressure, calm and good fun sums Brian up. Thank you for everything.
Charlene Close, Kettering

Top bloke. Great instructor. That's it.
Aidan Shepherd, Finedon

Had a great time learning to drive with Brian. He is very calm and collected. I'll miss my lessons.
Jasmine Derusa, Kettering

Had 2 hour lessons with Brian and everything worked out really well. Very pleased that he was my instructor. Always fun.
Beth Colby, Cottingham

I really got on well with Brian and he is now teaching my brother too. First time - 2 minors. Superb.
Stacey Fleming, Kettering

Failed first test for going too slowly on A14. Didn't make that mistake again and passed 2nd time. Always got on great with Brian.
Zoe Pinnock, Kettering

I failed first test because I was so nervous. Passed second time with 3 minor faults. Pleased that Brian was my instructor.
Anistasia Williams, Wellingborough

Fist time pass with NO MINORS. Magic. Cheers.
Ian Hodson, Kettering

I didn't think I could but Brian convinced me I could do it. I did. First time. Plenty of laughs along with the training made it a good experience.
Andrew McGreavey, Kettering

Really needed to pass as quickly as possible. Brian was a very easy person to get on with. Enjoyed lessons a lot.
Paul Garrett, Kettering

Very good instructor who keeps you safe and sound.
Annalisa Licata, Raunds

I passed my test on the 22nd of April 2008 with Brian. He offered very patient and enjoyable lessons. All lessons were at a convenient time for me and very flexible. I would recommend that people do Pass Plus like I did.
Cheryl Somerscales, Wellingborough

Brian, you'll always be a top teacher in my eyes. Brilliant stuff.
Stuart Belli, Wellingborough

Passed just in time to go to University.
Miriam Liggins, Kettering

I can wholeheartedly recommend ATOM to anybody looking to start learning to drive. Brian is a really humorous and genuine guy. As an instructor he is patient, informative and supportive in his approach. He won't nag you for extra lessons like BSM or other driving schools.
Simon Fleckner, Broughton

I am moving to London but Brian has given me enough lessons to make me confident than I can pass very soon down there.
Narayan Uppili, Corby

Thank you for coping with me. 3:15 on a wednesday will never be the same again!! 4 minors. Not too shabby. Keep in touch.
Devia Patel, Kettering

Brian is a great instructor and a great bloke. The lessons are laid back and fun for what can be a stressful experience. Highly recommended.
Rob Freeman, Kettering

Only went and passed the thing first time. Really good instructor.
Andy Bell, Geddington

First lesson was in a snow storm as Brian didn't want to let me down. That tells you everything. Thanks dude.
Ricki Priestley, Kettering

Brian has a calm and fun way of putting you at ease. I passed first time which I was very pleased about.
Ross Lovett, Market Harborough

Thank you very much Mr Brian for your special way of teaching me. Very nice man and always helpful. Thank you so much.
Augusto Salvador, Kettering

Wanted to pass as soon as possible. Brian made me see sense and take my time. It paid off. I thank him for his honesty.
Zena White, Kettering

Smashing instructor. I passed first time. Don't know what I was so worried about. Thanks Brian.
Edmund Greig, Kettering

Atom driving school was just what i needed to pass my driving test. The lessons were punctual, personalised and  value for money.
James Lake, Thrapston

I passed my driving test at the first attempt due to Brian's calm coaching methods.
James Paige, Kettering

Needed to pass within 6 months for personal reasons and did it with a month to spare. I was so nervous to start with but it soon started to fall into place. Ta much, Mr Munn!
Chloe Hill, Corby

Fantastic teacher who's calm, helpful and fun to be with. The car is so lovely to drive too. I highly recommend Atom to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Guaranteed a fun experience.
Lisa Tang, Kettering

Top instructor. Lots of fun along the way. Excellent.
Steven Murison, Kettering

Thank you very much, Brian. Now for all my friends!
Deborah Murison, Kettering

Brian taught my sister. She passed first time so I wanted to as well. Passed last week with 2 minors. Brilliant. Great football chats ;D
Scott Fleming, Kettering

I needed a UK licence, having driven for 18 years in Florida. Brian quickly educated me in the ways of UK driving and I passed first time. I can recommend Brian unreservedly.
Sean Lamb, Wellingborough

Brian was a fantastic instructor and i feel very lucky to have been taught by him. The service is laid back and really makes you feel less nervous and very comfortable and relaxed enabling you to drive to the best of your ability. I would not have changed anything about my lessons or experience and am very happy with the decision I made.
Mollie Currie, Broughton

Very good driving school. Brian describes things in ways that you can understand and is very nice and friendly. Would definitely recommend to absolutely anyone.
Calum Patterson, Kettering

Second time pass will do for me. Very pleased to have taken lessons with Atom. Ta Brian.
Kayleigh Toft, Kettering

Passed at second attempt. My Mum was always happy I chose Atom as Brian is very patient and never shouts or moans. There were times when he must have felt like it but he never did. I tell everyone use Atom.
Erin Lewis, Corby

I recommend Atom driving school to all my friends and colleagues who are thinking about learning to drive as I thought Brian was able to break down the lessons into easy to understand bites as well as making me feel comfortable.
Ben McClintock, Kettering

I managed to pass first time with lots of help from Brian. Great instructor and good man.
Aigars Ivanovskis, Corby

Brian helped me considerably with my driving skills. He is calm and collected and I feel I have learnt more in the few months with Atom than I did in 6 months with a previous instructor. I have my test at the end of this month and am confident I can achieve.
Chanelle Oban, Kettering

Wonderful local driving school whose instructor is very professional, entertaining and patient. Lessons are always useful and tailored to my driving needs. All driving routes and practice locations for manoeuvres are carefully chosen to suite. Top service, fair prices.
Adam Woods, Kettering

Passed 2nd time with only one driving fault. So pleased.
Adelle Gee, Corby

Passed first time. Many thanks, Brian.
Alan Johnston, Kettering

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive. Shall miss you lots. xxx Natalie.
Natalie Boddington, Kettering

Passed second time. First time was with another instructor. Brian said treat it like a demonstration rather than a test. It seemed to work anyway. Loads of my friends are with Brian now.
Sophie Richards, Thrapston

I actually looked forward to lessons. No pressure and loads of help and loads of laughs. Now passed.
Michaela McCabe, Corby

I must have been a nightmare to teach but Brian never lost his cool once. So patient with me. So grateful and I now have my freedom to drive to work.
Becci Orton, Kettering

Always looked forward to my lessons.
Michael Marr, Kettering

Brian was recommended to me by a friend that passed with him when he was with BSM. Great fun and really calm to help get you confident. Never, ever shouts and moans.
Pippa Arnold, Rushden

Well I never. Me a qualified driver? First time pass. So pleased.
Charity Taylor, Corby

Brian is really fun and great to have lessons with. I enjoyed it every week.
Himesh Patel, Wellingborough

Was on my international permit. Just needed brushing up on UK test requirements and in a few lessons with Brian I did it the first time. Very good.
Malik Amalou, Corby

Awesome driving school, Brian is a top bloke! Passed with him first time. Good guy to get on with, very good results out of the lessons given. Guaranteed quality driving! Thanks for everything and helping me pass, mate.
Rikki Priestley, Kettering

Really good lessons done in a way that kept me interested, which isn't always easy tbh. Always fitted me in for lessons even when his diary was packed. He's always busy because people tell their friends. You will have a laugh and learn at a fast pace. Thanks for everything boss.
Sarah Prentice, Kettering

Thank you for everything. I knew I'd do it first time cos you told me I would.! Haha!
Damaris Cox, Kettering

Brian was great to me. I passed second time. Very good instructor with a sense of humour.
Paul Garrett, Kettering

I'm South African and was nervous about learning here as driving is much more congested. Brian was a calming influence and got me to test standard quite quickly. However, I messed up my first test through nerves. Passed 2nd time with 1 minor. Very happy to recommend Brian.
Caryl Swart, Wellingborough

I passed my test on Wednesday with 4 minors. So happy. Recommend Brian to everyone.
Emily Price, Kettering

Passed 2nd time with NO MINORS. Get in!
Emma Galloway, Kettering

Brian is really good as an instructor. Never ever loses his cool and keeps you safe. Can't imagine not driving now.
Anna Winter, Kettering

Passed on Saturday with 3 minor faults in time for University. Went with Atom after first instructor retired. Brian sorted me out as I wasn't checking mirrors enough and my manoeuvres were not good. Thank you for everything. Doing motorway lesson next week and looking forward to it.
Tom Large, Desborough

Had a few lessons when I was 17. I'm now 24 and had forgotten everything. Was more nervous than when I first started. Brian was so caring and really built up my confidence. I narrowly failed first time but recently passed and am so proud of myself.
Melissa Bennett, Kettering

It's a job to know what to say. Lessons were great. Definitely would recommend Brian to anyone that wants driving lessons.
Lisa Mears, Wellingborough

Haha. Did it, did it. 2nd time much less nervous. Had a really good time learning to drive.
Natalie Bryant, Kettering

I always had my lessons in my lunch break. When it got near to my test we did extra sessions at weekends. Cheers brian.
Collette Beattie, Corby

Mr Brian Munn, the best damn driving instructor in Kettering! Fact.
Craig Neale, Kettering

I found Atom to be an affordable yet quality option, Brian is easy to get on with and I enjoyed his company whilst learning the abilities to survive on the roads today, plus I passed my theory and test first time.
Andy Haywood, Kettering

I had a lovely time learning to drive and am very pleased to have chosen Brian to teach me. Did Pass Plus, which was excellent.
Ashleen Graham, Orlingbury

I passed first time using my Mum's car having had lessons with Brian. He really is easy to get along with and gave me so much confidence in my ability. I did Pass Plus this week and found it really useful. Thanks Brian for everything.
Charlie Ainscow, Kettering

Atom Driving provides a professional and well structured learning experience. The lessons are informative and have a nice relaxing feel to them. Punctual and patient instructor with the ability to explain seemingly tricky concepts, in an "easy to understand" manner. Highly recommended.
Matthew McDougall, Rothwell

Moved to Brian from another instructor. Passed first time. Superb. Thanks.
Matt Desroche, Wellingborough

I have currently just started driving with Atom and finding it to be a good friendly experience. Atom has a good reputation as I know of many referrals and recommendations.
Davina Patel, Kettering

I required a course of refresher training before heading off for a new job in Scotland. Brian was wonderful with me.
David McDonald, Desborough

Brian told me I'd pass first time if I worked hard and concentrated and he was right.
Bradley Burbridge, Kettering

Thank you very much to Brian for helping me to pass my driving test. I enjoyed lessons with him a lot.
Richard Blackley, Kettering

Atom is a great driving school, and as soon as you're in the seat you instantly become at ease through the humorous, friendly atmosphere. It is highly recommended by me and all my friends.
Rikki-Lea Meadows, Kettering

Good teacher and fun lessons, which have been really helpful. Passed first time with four minor faults. Doing Pass Plus on Saturday and looking forward to it.
Tom Shipley, Burton Latimer

Passed first time which I'm really happy about.
Matthew Blaney, Kettering

Brian was very helpful and patient with my errors, instructing me how to perform the manoeuvres. I would not go with any other company than Atom. Fast, reliable, supportive, patient, brilliant. Recently did Pass Plus - we went to London!
Gianluca Catania, Kettering

It's hard to know who to choose as a driving instructor. Just choose Brian. Also, he didn't tell me to say that :)
Liam Nolan, Corby

Brian helped me to pass within 3 months! I always looked forward to my driving lessons. I felt comfortable from day 1 with Atom. Would definitely recommend to everyone.
Chloé Smith, Kettering

Thank you Brian for being a wonderful instructor. 20 lessons, eh? Keep waving and keep in touch.
Natalia Wozniak, Kettering

Superb. Living out of town has been a real pain for me but not any longer thanks to Brian. Happy to recommend to anyone.
Liam Tuite, Mawsley

Absolutely thrilled to have passed. Thank you so much from me and my parents.
Polly Thorley, Harrington

Went to Uni before I was ready for the test with Brian. However, I loved our lessons and Brian enabled me to get to a good standard before I left Kettering. I've passed now.
Chileshe Mubango, Kettering

Nearly didn't take the test as was feeling poorly. Glad I did though as passed quite easily to be honest, and first time, too.
Charmaine Dundon, Kettering

Atom Driving has given me the confidence to drive despite insecurities and lack of self confidence. Lessons are organized, well thought out and suitably delivered. I will definitely recommend Atom to learner drivers of all ages and backgrounds.
Natasha Sarongan Squires, Mawsley

Thanks a million. Really appreciate everything, although it hasn't sunk in. I've enjoyed every minute!
Amelie Derby, Rothwell

I totally passed! What an absolute relief. Thank you so much.
Lucy Gardner, Kettering

Really happy with the way my lessons were conducted. Brian was great fun and very calm and assured.
Jordan Rocks, Mawsley

Started lessons in May and passed 31st August with 4 minors. Very happy to recommend Brian.
Ken Cheung, Kettering

Passed new test with Independent Driving first time with 1 minor fault. Superb.
Lottie Gresham, Broughton

1st time with 4 minors = superb. Did Pass Plus to London and back. Very enjoyable lessons. Thanks very much Brian.
Ben Bradshaw, Kettering

Brian intimated that I was the most nervous person he had ever taught. I was terrified for first few lessons, I must admit. However, I was soon driving confidently and can assure any nervous drivier who is looking for an instructor that they can do no better than Aton.
Julian Hopwood, Kettering

Can't believe I'm actually allowed on the roads! Thank you! New job. Passed my test. Just bought a lottery ticket!!
Claire Rhodes, Kettering

Just to say thanks for being such a fantastic driving instructor, great company and for getting me through my driving test! Couldn't have done it without you! Hopefully I'll see you on the roads around Kettering. I'll be the one waving madly and you'll be the one pretending you don't know me!!
Emma Nolan, Kettering

Thanks a lot, mate. Always been good fun. I'll see you out and about, no doubt.
Daniel Markie, Kettering

Passed my driving test, thanks to Brian Munn, what a guy!
Oli Hunter, Broughton

First time. 4 minors. Thanks a lot.
Jack Bithray, Kettering

Much calmer for second test. Passed with only one fault.
Conor Ducker, Kettering

Two cancellations for bad weather had me thinking it wasn't meant to be. Clearly it was. 2nd time. 3 minors. I'll miss our conversations and laughs. Cheers.
Andrew Woods, Kettering

Sooooo sooooo happy!! Eeeek brrrrrruuuumm!!! Thank you so much.
Katy Gardner, Kettering

Just want to thank you for all your help. You were very patient, so thanks. xxx
Jordan Adkins, Burton Latimer

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you Mr M.
Emma Bonar, Kettering

Had lessons with another instructor but moved to Brian after recommendations from friends. Passed first time in my own car. Also did Pass Plus which I thought was well worthwhile.
Charlie Aylott, Kettering

Excellent. Passed first time. Now for Pass Plus. Thanks a million Brian.
Nichola King, Kettering

Pleased to pass but gutted I messed up first time. Not to worry. Fantastic instructor, mate.
Scott Walker, Desborough

Thank you Brian for having the patience to teach me how to drive. I always looked forward to my lessons and shall miss them.
Charlotte Clarke, Kettering

I had driven at home for 12 years but Brian taught me the ways of passing the UK test and I did so the first time. Good man.
Dr Riyan Shaik, Kettering

Did it second time. Brian was always good fun and I really enjoyed my lessons.
Emma Chaplin, Kettering

You are a great driving instructor to get along with. Great sense of humour and I enjoyed every lesson I had. Thank you so much!
Alex Aylott, Kettering

I can't believe I can drive without anyone with me! Thank you so much, Brian. This means so much to me. I still can't quite believe I've passed. I couldn't have done it without you. xx
Lynda Willis, Kettering

Thank you soo much. I'm sooo pleased! Going to miss our lessons, though. I'll keep you updated on which car I'll get x
Helen Somerscales, Wellingborough.

Well I never. Seems you know what you're doing, after all. Haha. Thanks Brian.
Sam Smith, Kettering

Passed first time. Brian was my second instructor. My manoeuvres were weak but he got those corrected in no time at all.
Rebecca Loveday, Raunds

Brian was superb. Never gave up on me. Thanks a lot.
Emma Stokes, Kettering

Thanks a lot, Brian. One minor eh? Great not having to give you my dosh every week, now :)
Henry Smith, Kettering

Brian was wonderful in getting me to pass the test safely. Very different to drive here. I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr Zubair Al-Quassim, Kettering

Not good at these review things but Brian said I should say he's brilliant. haha. He is. Passed second time round. Cheers.
Luke Abrahams, Kettering

Thanks Brian for helping me become road worthy :) my recommendations will be going out for you :) woooohooooo!!!!
Jo Henbury, Kettering

Lessons were always relaxed and progressive and I enjoyed every one. Couldn't have had a better instructor!
Emma Plummer, Kettering

Nailed it thanks to Brian. Always fun. Very pleased.
Vicky Plummer, Kettering

A first time pass with Mr Munn was never is doubt. Haha.
Karolis Vaiciunas, Kettering

Now to get a car! Thank you Brian.
Jen Smith, Kettering

Great instructor. Passed with only 3 minors. Thanks Brian.
Imran Edwards, Kettering

Fist time pass with 5 minors after 12 hours tuition.
Becky Hollis, Gt. Cransley, Kettering

Brian Munn is a fantastic instructor. Teaches very well and managed to get me to pass first time in 20 hours. Cheers Brian, from George.
George Eason, Gt. Addington, Kettering

Thanks so much. Such a wonderful person. Relaxed and easy to get on with. You boosted my confidence. Could not ask for a better driving instructor. Thanks so much Brian :):):)
Kirsty Darker, Kettering

Perfect experience with wonderful and cheerful instructor. If there were two tests I'd definitely use Brian again :)
Karol Balaga, Kettering

Well, well, well. Me a driver, eh? Haha. Thanks very much Brian.
Heather O'Malley, Kettering

Always fun. Never a cross word. It's been positive and professional. Thanks Brian.
Marco Galluzzo, Kettering

My Dad said I wasn't going to pass first time. He was wrong. Thanks, mate. Been good.
Joe Gardiner, Desborough

Brian is really excellent and was great to me from first to last lessons.
Florence Ingwe, Kettering

Brian! We did it. Thank you so much. Really, really enjoyed my lessons.
Charlotte Swift, Warkton

Brian taught a lot of my friends to drive before me, so he was highly recommended! He was always really patient, unendingly calm and we always had a laugh on lessons too. And I passed first time! Great instructor, going to miss my lessons a lot. 
Rachel Price Tate, Kettering

Thanks for all your help with helping me pass, very much appreciated! Just in the nick of time as well, the nights are getting very dark!
Chris Duckworth, Broughton

Passed without a hitch. Quite a relief, though. Thanks Brian
Ray Hurren, Kettering

I made hard work of it but very happy to have done my lessons with Brian.
Nick Urguhart, Kettering

 ‎:) thankssss
Alysia Edwards, Kettering

Passed my test at the first attempt. Thrilled to bits.
Rhiannon Parker, Kettering

Actually did it. Thank you so much for everything.
Olivia Lancaster, Rothwell

Cheers Brian. It's been really good.
Dean Ford, Kettering

I was gutted when I failed first time for approaching a junction too quick. Brian kept my spirits up and I passed second time with only three faults.
Tom Sheldon, Desborough

I can't thank you enough for the kind, relaxed way you have taught me. I am so pleased I chose you as my instructor.
Louise Nairns, Kettering

Cheers mate. Really enjoyed the lessons and can't believe that's the end of them. See you around.
Leon Don, Kettering

Always the joker. Thanks for everything, Brian.
Rob Wardrop, Kettering

Many thanks for everything, Brian. First time two minors.
Tom Brown, Kettering

Many thanks for helping me pass. No longer need to depend on lifts. Superb.
Jake Smith, Kettering

Brian taught me how to properly contol a car, not just how to drive it. I passed with 3 minors at my first attempt.
Thomas Cleough, Kettering

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your most intelligent quote: "Roundabouts come in all shapes and sizes." - you are a fountain of wisdom! ... but really, thanks for teaching me :)
Anya Liggins, Kettering

Passed my driving teest woohoo. Thank you so much Brian.
Tania Hines, Kettering

Passed my driving test!!! Ahhh yeahhh!! Cheers Brian.
Bex Jacob, Kettering

Had lessons with Brian up until I moved away from the area. Fantastic. Loved it and shall miss the lessons.
Charlotte White, Kettering

What can I say? I am the third member of the family to pass with you and I did it first time.
Sabian Phippen, Kettering

Such relief to have passed as need a licence for my job. Excellent instructor and became good friend. Thank you, Brian.
Koray Culculoglu, Burton Latimer

Finally did it. Thank you Brian for absolutely everything.
Tori Tansur, Kettering

Thank you very much, Brian. It has been lovely.
Shianie Willis, Kettering

No more Friday lessons! 4 minor faults. Happy and relieved.
Josh Smith, Kettering

Thank you very much. This may not be the last you'll hear from me as I'll probably be in touch regarding Pass Plus.
Nathan Adams, Kettering

Thanks Mister Munn. If anyone wants lessons I'll send them your way.
Joe Britton, Finedon

I really didn't think I'd do it first time. Very happy. Thanks Brian
Ricky Tomkins, Kettering

I wanna say thanks for teaching me to drive. ur a very patient man but I didn't think I could ever do it and I did thanks to you!!! I enjoyed it, and will miss you xxxxxx
Kimberley Foster, Desborough

I'll wave from my Golf and recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you.
Josh Maziak, Lt. Addington

Thanks for being so supportive. Passed with 4 minors. That will do for me. Thanks.
Jordan Hunter, Broughton

Absolutely delighted to have passed. Shall be back for Pass Plus.
Ross Baillie, Kettering

Thank you so much for all of your help in passing my driving test.
Stacey Sime, Corby

I can't believe I've passed with 4 minors. I'm really happy with that. Thank you but I'll miss my lessons.
Muir, Corby

Brian taught my sister. I was initially quite nervous but slowly gained in confidence and have now passed my test. Great fun.
Shannon Toft, Kettering

A pass with 4 minors. Happy with that.
Becca Hearne, Kettering

First time pass. Not sure what I was worrying about. Thanks very much, Brian.
Ben Large, Rothwell

If anyone is looking for a Driving Instructor, go with Brian Munn at Atom Driving School. He will get you passed first time with no minors!
Owen Currie, Broughton

1st time, 3 minors. Thanks Brian. That means so much to Matt, and to all of us. Fantastic news! I'll be sure to recommend you, Alison Hamling.
Matthew Hamling, Kettering

Much more relaxed than previous instructor. Awesome.
Nicholas Dunton, Kettering

Thank you Brian. This will change everything for the family. So very delighted to get only 2 faults.
Nilesh Upadhyay, Kettering

I will recommend you to anyone that wants lessons. Now to get that Corsa.
Shaun Chivers, Kettering

First time. 4 minors.
Josh Haxel, Kettering

Thank you for everything. Great fun and I'm glad that Rachel recommended you.
Miranda Badger, Kettering

Couldn't imagine learning to drive with anyone else after having a few lessons with Brian! He was so helpful, and always willing to help out where he could, making sure you feel as comfortable as possible. I would always recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive!
Samantha Sime, Corby

I passed first time with Brian. Amazing.
Luke Blaney, Kettering

I'd like to thank Brian for helping me to pass my test. A very calm and friendly instructor.
Lucy Bristow, Geddington

Many thanks to Brian for teaching me to drive safely and pass the test.
Sandijs Cielavs, Corby

Passing my test is going to make my life so much easier and it's all down to Brian and his patience. 
Andy Coe, Stanion

Brian was chosen by my Dad as he had heard such good things about him. I have passed first time so he was right :)
Heather Draper, Wollaston

I am going to miss my driving lessons so much. 1st time pass, just like Brian said.
Adnan El-Alami, Kettering

First time pass. Brian has it all planned out and I really enjoyed learning to drive with him.
Jamie Frayne, Rothwell

I really felt comfortable with Brian and have since recommended him to friends. A pass with 2 minors was amazing.
Gina Fry, Kettering

Very happy to pass with Brian. Nice lessons and very helpful to me.
Gayatri Patel, Kettering

My previous instructor retired and recommended I try Brian. I am so glad that I did. I failed 5 times with previous guy but first time with Brian. You should not hesitate.
Jessi George, Kettering

All done! Will miss Brian! Definitely recommend Atom Driving School! And the easy to drive will miss to drive it:)
Malwina Hendrick, Rothwell

He's alright, I suppose, haha. Passed first time with one minor.
Alex McCorkindale, Walgrave

I have a licence but hadn't driven for 40 years. Following the death of my husband I needed to drive but had no confidence. Brian helped me to drive on the modern road systems and I am so grateful to him for helping me through a difficult time.
Christine Hillyer, Wellingborough

Well I never. A first time pass. Basically, all you have to do is listen to Brian's advice and driving is quite straightforward, really.
David Hunter, Kettering

I passed first time. Got on really well with Brian. Enjoyed it all.
Dylan Kemp, Rothwell

I passed my driving test first time! Excellent instructor with absurd sense of humour and great taste in TV shows.
Ryan Leder, Broughton

I had a break from lesson for about a year and when a work colleague passed with Brian it prompted me to start again. I passed first time as Brian thought I would.
Hannah Lowry, Kettering

Top man. Failed with another instructor. Passed first time with Brian. Awesome stuff.
Arran Marchant, Kettering

I really can't believe that I passed my test so comfortably and it's really down to being taught so calmly. I've recommended Brian to everyone.
Iola McCorkindale, Walgrave

But for a mistake right at the end I would have passed first time. Sailed through 2nd time withonly 2 minors. Probably the most nervous pupil Brian has ever had!
Michelle Patrick, Kettering

I have had the best instructor possible and I passed first time. Really pleased.
Jamie Percival, Isham

OMG I passed my driving test with Brian Munn. Top instructor and a great laugh.
Sunny Ranu, Kettering

Oh well I only went and passed my driving test. Many thanks to Brian at ATOM for all his help and guiding me through it all.
Ellie Smith, Kettering

I rang Brian for refresher lessons and straight away knew I had done the right thing. Much more able to drive on my own, now.
Janet Stark, Kettering

Brian actually taught my Mum so I knew what to expect. So happy to pass before going to uni.
Tori Tansor, Kettering

My brother passed first time with Brian and I've gone and done the same. Nice lessons and very friendly atmopsphere.
Matt Tatam, Little Harrowden

I shall really miss my lessons. Now I've passed and have my own car.
Jade Webb, Kettering

Absolutely brilliant! I was a nervous wreck when first started learning to drive but Brian soon helped me build my confidence up and helped me to pass first time.
Carina Farrar, Kettering

Thanks for being a great instructor and helping me pass my test. I loved my lessons with you.
Cara Tomkins, Kettering

Best driving instructor there is. Would recommend to anyone. Very patient as well!!!
Daniel Bradshaw-Wilson, Kettering

You're the best! Miss our lessons! :)
Amy Taylor, Kettering

This is really going to open up opportunities for me. Many thanks for everything, Brian.
Ross Clark, Corby

Passed first time. 5 minors. Thanks mate for getting me this far.
Jordan Essam, Kettering

Honestly, Though. What a great instructor you were and well done for putting up with me. I'll recommend you to everyone and anyone. Top lad and glad I took lessons with the one and only Brian Munn.
Dom Kaye, Walgrave

That's all the Grange crew driving, now.
Robert Smith, Kettering

I was a very nervous learner to start with and Brian put me at ease straight away. I have used several driving schools over the years but I didn't have the courage to go for my test until I worked with Brian. I always recommend him to anyone who is looking for an instructor
Helen Bowie, Corby

First time pass and I can't quite believe it. Thanks again, Brian.
Alex McGrady, Wellingborough

Thanks for everything, Brian. So happy to have passed.
Adam Brown, Kettering

First time pass with 2 minors. A brilliant instructor and a great car to go with him! Brian made learning to drive so enjoyable, and he was completely committed to making sure I passed as quickly as was safe to do so! Really miss having lessons with him, and would highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn to drive- I kind of wish I could do it again!
Alice Baker, Walgrave

Very happy to have passed my test with Brian. Really great feeling.
Mantas Syksnys, Corby

Just sang your praises to my 19 yr old brother and now he wants to start lessons with you. Thanks again for all your help and hard work :)
Samantha Gavin, Corby

Thanks a bunch for everything. I'll be sure to send people your way.
Niki Helbick, Kettering

Thanks mate. I enjoyed the lessons a lot.
Ben Phillips, Kettering

After failing first time with a previous instructor who didn't teach me what I needed to learn, Brian took me in and moved his diary around to fit me in, while planning my lessons around what I needed to practice! He turned my weaknesses into my strongest points, helping me to pass just 2 months later! He is very supportive and always encourages you to never give up. I would recommend him to any one that is looking for driving lessons and to anyone that thinks reversing round a corner is impossible and stupid.
Orla Dickinson, Kettering

I'm so, so happy to have passed my test first time. I still can't believe it. Now I want to do a motorway session, please.
Nicole Storey, Kettering

An excellent instructor. Patient and quickly made me feel comfortable behind the wheel.
Sarah Kings, Burton Latimer

Brilliant driving instructor and great car to learn in, if you're looking to learn to drive then I recommended Atom Driving School!!
Kaine Park, Walgrave

First time pass with only 1 minor. Thank you, Brian.
Davis Lucas, Broughton

Dan Hill, Rothwell

I started driving with Brian after falling out with my previous instructor and from the start he was a much friendlier face! He's a great teacher but was always chilled out and he polished me up to pass my test in less than 2 bloke, great car too!
Jacob Hartley, Orlingbury

Brian was great when I was learning to drive as not only is he calm and good at his job but he's great to get along with and made my lessons so enjoyable. I would recommend anyone to go with him! Thanks Brian.
Marco Geranio, Kettering

The best driving instructor, makes you feel so comfortable and confident in every lesson! With all his help I passed first time! And has an excellent car to drive!!
Maddie Herbert, Kettering

A brilliant calm driving instructor who has a great car to learn to drive in. Would highly recommend him to anyone!
Peter Duckett, Kettering

A brilliant instructor. Very patient, knowledge, thoughtful and reliable. Based on previous instructors', I wouldn't have passed if weren't for Brian.
John Villages, Kettering

Brilliant driving instructor, very calm and soo nice, would definitely recommend him!!!
Kelly Ianakieva, Desborough

I highly recommend Atom Driving School, when i started driving with Brian i wasnt very confident or very good.. But i passed first time today all with Brians help, hes very calm and friendly- an excellent instructor!! Nice shiny car to learn in too.
Ginni Mayhew, Kettering

Brian was an absolutely amazing driving instructor, I've never had so much fun in my entire life. I thoroughly recommend taking driving lessons with Brian as he has a great sense of humour and makes you feel comfortable and confident every lesson!!
Maddie Jacob, Kettering

Brian previously taught my sister and I'm so pleased to have passed with him.
Jack Smith, Burton Latimer

Brian was a great instructor for me who helped me pass first time. He makes you feel very at ease in the car and gives you great confidence. I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Atom and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Owen Coleman, Kettering

Absolutely fantastic instructor. Would recommend him to anyone. Passed first time with only 3 minors all down to a great instructor.
Ethan Ryan, Kettering

Loved my lessons with Brian, always so funny but professional at the same time! I'll miss my driving lessons!
Sophia Hopkins, Kettering

Delighted to have passed first time. I would highly recommend Brian.
Emily Hodgson, Walgrave

I had such an amazing time learning with Brian. Brilliant.
Cara Roberts, Burton Latimer

Thank so so much for everything, Brian. I'm so happy to have passed first time. I'll be on the road as of tomorrow! Very impressed x
Dannii Calvert, Desborough

A big thanks for today. I'll see you around.
Wayne Coleman, Kettering

Thank you Brian. I couldn't be more happy with myself. First time, eh!
Calum Shields

Thanks so much for everything. So first time passes are possible, then.
Joe Koris, Kettering

Mega-excited. Thank you for teaching me, Brian
Molly Coleman, Kettering

One failed test and two years of learning later, I finally did it! In true me fashion I was overcome with emotion and cried!
Harriett Gardiner, Kettering

Thank you, Brian for all your time and patience. I'm so pleased to have passed before Uni.
Harvey Bithray, Kettering

Awesome feeling to have passed. Thanks so much. Now to purchase my first ever car.
Kyle Dix, Kettering

Atom driving lessons in Kettering are safe and fun. You get real value for money in a relaxed, encouraging environment. Contact me on 07722 037709, by email or on Facebook.

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