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Refresher driving lessons

UK drivers are allowed to drive, without regular testing, in blissful ignorance of their driving faults.

All drivers have a responsibility to ensure they are up to the job. 83.3 % of "experienced" drivers are at fault for KSI (killed or serious injury) crashes in which they were involved. Most would say they are good drivers.

Many people lose the confidence to drive on today's busy roads. Others have simply taken a break and wish to return to it.

Drivers need to learn four basic principles of risk-free driving:

1. They need to look much further ahead than they previously have.
2. They need to think, proactively, about what they will be doing in five, ten or even thirty seconds’ time.
3. They need to decelerate sooner to give themselves more time to cope
4. They need to use the Mirrors-Signal-Position-Speed-Look routine

Advanced driving techniques are now taught to all pupils. For example, many older drivers have a habit of changing through the gears 1,2,3,4,5 - 5,4,3,2,1. This is wrong. It is perfectly safe and acceptable to change from, say, 5th gear to 2nd for turning into a side road, providing it is done at the right time and at the right speed. This helps reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Just book an evaluation lesson to start with. We'll go back to basics, or work on the areas of your driving that need improvement. You'll get a sympathetic ear and may even have some fun. With encouragement and patient tuition, you'll quickly regain the confidence to drive on your own once again.

Atom driving lessons in Kettering are safe and fun. You get real value for money in a relaxed, encouraging environment. Contact me on 07722 037709, by email or on Facebook.

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