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Motorway lessons

Motorway training

Drivers of any age have a responsibility to ensure that they are up to the job of motorway driving. If in doubt a driver should take up voluntary retraining.

Motorways are the safest way to travel yet can be daunting for newly qualified drivers. Over 90% of motorway crashes are caused by driver errors such as speeding, tailgating, fatigue, poor observational technique and inattention.

Which areas are covered?
Motorway lessons are based upon the Pass Plus motorway module. They give pupils the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure safe, high speed travel.

  • planning journeys in advance
  • joining and leaving a motorway, using slip roads
  • safe speeds in different circumstances
  • effective observation all around your vehicle
  • signs, signals and markings
  • overtaking and lane discipline
  • courtesy to other road users
  • motorway fatigue
  • breakdown procedures
  • use of lights, including hazard warning lights
  • debris on the carriageway
  • crosswinds.

Atom driving lessons in Kettering are safe and fun. You get real value for money in a relaxed, encouraging environment. Contact me on 07722 037709, by email or on Facebook.

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