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Eco-safe driving

Motorists can minimise their carbon footprint by amending their driving style to use less fuel. That is the essence of eco-safe driving. Average savings of 8.5% in fuel used can be made by Eco-safe driving.

treeAll Atom driving lessons include eco-safe driving tuition with instruction on:sun

  • Hazard awareness

  • Compliance with speed limits

  • Starting and moving away

  • Selective use of gearbox with block changes

  • Progressive use of accelerator

  • Engine braking

  • Planning well ahead and perception

  • Utilising engine power and torque

  • Use of cruise control

  • Reducing unnecessary weight

  • Route planning

  • Avoiding congestion

Adapt your driving to include these changes and you'll become a more environmentally friendly, economically aware driver and may enjoy your journeys more as they become less stressful and more comfortable. Remember, braking wastes fuel.

Atom driving lessons are safe and fun. You get real value for money in a relaxed, encouraging environment. Reach me on my mobile 07722 037709, phone 01536 502436 or email.

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