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box junction

Box junctions

To help reduce congestion Box Junctions are painted at some key intersections. Box Junctions have criss-cross yellow lines and are designed to stop them becoming blocked by queuing traffic.

Box Junction  

Highway Code rule 174:

You MUST NOT enter a box junction if your exit road is blocked. Slow down and stop before the box if your exit road is not clear.

You CAN enter a box junction and wait when you want to turn right, and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right.

In this Highway Code example, the blue car waits behind the white line because the road ahead is blocked. The green car has (correctly) entered the box and is waiting to turn right. The exit road is clear but oncoming traffic is preventing the right turn. Both cars are correctly positioned.

Do not enter a box junction illegally. You can get a fixed penalty fine as many junctions are covered by CCTV cameras.

Atom driving lessons are safe and fun. You get real value for money in a relaxed, encouraging environment. Reach me on my mobile 07722 037709, phone 01536 502436, email or Facebook.

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